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Founded in Israel in 2003, SkyLimit is a leading research, marketing and
sales company focused on helping dental companies establish export markets and overseas distribution.
Over the years, Skylimit has become a valuable resource for dental manufacturers from around the world.

New Partner Research

Seeking to connect with new dental distributors/dealers/reps? labs? clinics?

All great sales begin with relevant leads.

Accurate research is vital.

Skylimit provides the critical research your sales team needs to increase sales.

We can supercharge your sales funnel with distributors, reps, dealers relevant to your company. This includes names + emails + telephone

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Pre-Dental Show Marketing

Dental exhibitions and conferences attract a high percentage of distributors, private dentists, manufacturers, practice and laboratory owners -

We specialize in researching and scheduling meetings with the most relevant professionals visiting the show.

We make sure that you leave the show with hot leads.

Pre-show marketing and promotion can help you boost your exhibition presence and bring you a greater return on your show investment.

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We Open Doors and Schedule Meetings

The Skylimit team speaks multiple languages and can open doors for you in any country -

We specialize in opening doors and scheduling high quality meetings with potential partners.

Our sales managers make those cold calls to the distributors, doctors, etc. and and pave the way for you.

Leverage your sales and business development efforts with Skylimit.

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LinkedIn Profile Account Management

From distributors to dentists – the dental professional industry is heavily active on LinkedIn - 

LinkedIn is a tool that cannot be ignored and yet many professional find it overwhelming. For that reason dental manufacturers turn to Skylimit.

We manage your LinkedIn so you can manage your business in the real world. We make sure to turn your LinkedIn account into a lead generation machine.

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Mr. Ben Grant
Skylimit Regional Director - Germany

IDS 2017 - Pre-Exhibition Meeting Scheduling

Paltop Advanced Dental Solutions (since 2010) manufactures premium cutting-edge implant components.  The company is currently selling in over 20 countries.

IDS 2017

Prior to the IDS 2017 show in Germany, Paltop expressed a great deal of interest in pre-exhibition activity  and connected with Skylimit in order to help them schedule meetings with German dental distributors prior to the show.

(Paltop did not have a German speaking manager on their team)

Skylimit's German Market Regional Manager, Mr. Ben Grant researched and connected with German distributors and helped schedule meetings for Paltop at the show. Ben is not only a native German speaker but a business professional with many years of experience in opening doors for companies interested in the German market.

Although Ben did not attend the show, Skylimit was able to organize a local professional from Germany who helped man the booth and converse with German dental German.

By having the whole process - research, phone calls and booth presence - in German, this allowed Paltop to have effective meetings at the IDS 2017 show in Germany

Mr. Asaf Reiss
Skylimit Regional Director Spain & Latin America

Entering the Latin American Markets with the Help of Skylimit

TAG Dental, (a Division of T.A.G Medical Products,) produces state of the art implant products including dental implants, dental instruments, superstructures, and biological materials.

TAG is selling in many countries and expressed interest in entering the Latin American markets.

The dental implant market is very competitive. Having a professional that speaks the language and understands the mentality is critical.

TAG did not have a Spanish speaking sales manager.  A little over 6 months ago TAG approached Skylimit for help.

Skylimit to the rescue!

Skylimits regional manager for the Latin American markets, Asaf Reiss has been functioning as the spanish speaking director of sales for TAG.

Asaf has been focusing a great deal of efforts on researching and outreaching to dental distributors in Chile, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

New Distributor in Chile

Thanks to Asafs efforts, TAG recently closed a distribution agreement with a leading distributor in the Chilean market.

We will hopefully see more distribution partners in the coming months in other areas.

IDS 2017

Asaf lived for many years in South America and recently moved to Spain.

By having a 'man on the ground" this allowed TAG to also focus efforts on inviting and scheduling meetings with Spanish dental distributors and professionals visiting the IDS 2017 show in Germany.

At the show Asaf helped man the TAG booth and converse with the Spanish visitors. It was a great show for TAG.

Mr. Nir Cohen
Skylimit LinkedIn Manager

IDS 2017 - Pre-Exhibition Meeting Scheduling via LinkedIn

MagDent (since 2010) is the creator of the 'MED' (Miniaturized Electromagnetic Device) for the dental implants market.

The MED creates an electromagnetic field around the implant, which stimulates bone growth and suppresses infection.

Magdent was interested in using LinkedIn as a tool to help reach out and schedule meetings with dental implant manufacturers at the show and to create exposure for Magdent prior to the show.

Skylimit's LinkedIn Manager, Mr. Nir Cohen managed the activity via a LinkedIn account that was set up for Magdent and targeted manufacturers visiting the show and simultaneously building up their network of relevant dental professionals.

Nir was able to schedule 12 high quality meetings for Magdent at the show (one company included the Straumann Group)

Mr. Hillel Porath
Skylimit Director of Research & Marketing

Penetrating the US Dental Market

Augma Biomaterials (since 2010) is introducing the fastest, easiest and most efficient bone graft that the market has ever seen.  
Dr. Amos Yahav, CEO of Augma had two business trips planned and was seeking to make the most out of both trips.
The first trip was to the 2017 AO Annual Meeting in Florida and from there to the 2017 IDS Show in Germany.
With very little time prior to the shows, Hillel Porath, (Director of research & marketing at Skylimit) was able to research and schedule quality meetings for Dr. Yahav at both shows.
4 meetings at the AO Annual Meeting
3 meetings at IDS (one meeting was with one of the largest dental distributors in the US)
Today, Hillel is working with Augma in the US market. As a result of his work - one distributor has already placed his first orders with Augma and several others on their way.

Mr. Hillel Porath
Skylimit Director of Research & Marketing

When the Skylimit Research Meets Your Sales Team

Cortex Dental Implants (since 2008) is an innovative manufacturer of dental implants, prosthetic products and surgical kits. 
Cortex has operations in countries around the world and was seeking to enter new markets - Italy, South Africa and the UK.
During a six-month period (2016-2017), Hillel Porath (Director of research & marketing at Skylimit) researched and located over 130 distributors in all three regions.
Important to note: This research included not only the website links of these distributors but the personal contacts details of the relevant managers.
From the beginning of the process - the Director of Sales at Cortex received lists of accurate contacts on weekly basis.
As a result of the combined efforts of the research provided by Skylimit and the Cortex sales team - Cortex has signed on new distributors in Italy, South Africa and hopefully very soon in the UK!
Today, Skylimit is continuing to provide niche-market research for Cortex in various markets around the world.  

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